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How to Cum Far – Natural and Safe Methods for Men to Increase Ejaculate Distance

drink water semen volume

If you’re looking to produce more semen or increase your seminal fluid, there are many options that range from exercise, diet, to supplementation. Whether you want to improve the strength, force, or pure volume of your ejaculate, this article will cover it. We’ve got everything you need to know, from foods and supplements to try to simple and effective exercises and lifestyle changes. Keep reading for all of the best tips to help you to increase your ejaculate distance, volume, and power.

Drinking More Water Makes You Cum Harder

The quantity of semen which is released during orgasm is connected to the amount of fluids which are consumed. That is because semen is water based, and semen will be the fluid that can help lubricate the way for semen. The body needs a minimum of one gallon of water one day to function right. Drinking more fluids should thus increase the ejaculate.

If you like a few alcoholic drinks after work along with a few more prior to sex or masturbation, you are doing your load a disservice. That is because alcohol dehydrates the body. Along with dehydrating the body of yours, alcohol lowers sperm count and also impacts the quality of the sperm.

Zinc for Semen Volume

Take zinc combined with folic acid. Zinc is a vital mineral which is important in a few aspects of cellular metabolism. In conjunction with folic acid, zinc was discovered to boost sperm count by 75% in males that had fertility issues, according to scientific one study.

So how much folic acid and much zinc might you are taking each day, you ask? 1mg of folic acid along with 10mg of zinc sulfate is recommended, but more can be added for a greater result. For example, Load Boost contains 12.5mg of Zinc, as well as other essential nutrients for maximizing semen volume.

Amino Acids for Ejaculate Power

Try taking specific amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of healthy proteins. These organic elements, taken on a regular basis, are reputed to increase levels of silly string. Researchers think that sperm benefit from amino acids as specific amino acids are discovered in big numbers in the heads of semen. Watch away for the following amino acids to enhance your ejaculate:

Sexual Health Exercise Like Kegels

Perform routine Pc muscle exercises. Additionally known as Kegel exercises, Pc muscle exercises (shorthand for “pubococcygeus” muscle) do a multitude of functions for both sexes, but particularly males. Along with promoting prostate health and going premature ejaculation, they’re important in prolonging the length of orgasm in addition to increasing ejaculate.

There is good evidence to propose that regular exercising is advantageous in raising sperm count. So place on the soccer cleats, football spikes, or maybe court kicks and clean off several of the cobwebs in the moves.


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